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Lighting for your tent or canopy is available in everything from delicate white string lights to commercial size 1500 watt stadium lights. We'd be happy to make a recommendation on the right kind of lighting for your event; please call us for a consultation. All lighting options require a standard 110 power outlet. We install all lighting units and will run the power from the light fixture to the base of the tent.

Perimeter String Lights

With a 1-watt warm white LED bulb every 15" on the strand, these string lights are ideally suited for lighting the inside perimeter of a canopy. Light weight and easy to hang, this affordable lighting option offers decorative yet subtle lighting.

Perimeter string lights used in conjunction with two chandeliers in a 60' x 90' Epic tent on Vashon Island
Perimeter lights behind a liner

LED Overhead Lights

105-Watt LED overhead lights are a great lighting source for commercial applications. Each unit casts enough light to cover approximately 800 square feet of space. Rental rates include mounting the lights inside the tent.

Stadium Lights

1500-Watt Stadium Lights can be installed in the big tops or larger tents for lighting larger spaces.

Halo Lights

Halo lights are a stylish uplighting option. They attach to center poles and, at 5' in diameter, are scaled for our larger tents (40' and 60' widths). 

Foundation Lights

foundation lights paint the walls of your venue with colorOur LED uplights will "paint" the walls of your tent or venue with a color of your choice.


Our nine-light chandeliers provide elegant tent lighting.

Mirrored Disco Ball

Our mirrored disco ball is 20" in diameter and comes with two lights. Perfect for creating a fun party atmosphere.


Rental Fee: $1.62
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Rental Fee: $113.68
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Rental Fee: $52.03
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Rental Fee: $235.48
Rental Fee: $276.08
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Rental Fee: $96.28
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chandelier Rustic
Rental Fee: $119.48
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