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  • Free-standing structure supported by aluminum frame
  • Can be installed on almost any surface
  • No center poles for unobstructed interior

A frame-style tent is a versatile, freestanding structure that can be installed on just about any surface. A rigid framework of heavy-duty aluminum pipe is constructed, and the vinyl canopy is fitted on the frame before erecting. With no center poles in a frame style tent, you get an unobstructed interior.

To ensure a safe installation we use stakes and ratchets to secure and stabilize the tent. On a surface such as a concrete or a wood deck, the tent is secured with a combination of weights, stakes and ratchets. A frame tent can be dressed up with Leg Drapes and a Liner in the ceiling. All sizes are available in solid white, and selected sizes also come in yellow and white stripes. Sidewalls can be added to any size frame style tent.

Staking to a depth of approximately 3' is required on most tent installations. Pacific Party Canopies assumes no responsibility for underground utilities such as power and water. Please call the underground location center at 1-800-424-5555 to locate utilities at your site.

This style of tent can also be used for construction and industrial applications.

Yellow and white stripe 20' x 40' frame tent at a car show
10' x 10' and 15' x 15' frame-style tents on a deck in Coupeville
40' x 80' frame tent dressed in leg drapes, liner and sidewall for a wedding at Lairmont Manor in Bellingham
40' x 80' frame tent for MusselFest in Coupeville
Frame tent installed over a pool for an annual December pool party in Seattle
A line of small frame tents for vendors at Ski to Sea
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Frame Style Tents

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