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How far in advance should I make reservations?

Rentals are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Make your reservation as early as possible to ensure everything will be available for you. During our peak season, June through September, our calendar fills rapidly. If you are having a weekend wedding in the summer, please plan to book your rental in January.

What areas do you serve?

We install most of our rentals in Western Washington, including the Seattle area, but we often travel throughout the rest of the state. We have even done events as far away as Nevada and Los Angeles, California.

Do you charge for delivery?

There is a delivery fee based on your event location and the size of your order. Please call for rates.

Do you charge for installation?

Installation is included in the rental price for canopies, heating, lighting and flooring. Tables and chairs are stacked neatly in a mutually convenient location. While setup and breakdown of tables and chairs is not included in the rental fee, we would be happy to provide this service. Please call for rates. For other items, including pop-up tents and inflatable bouncy houses picked up from our warehouse, we'll explain or show you how to use the equipment as necessary. You can also read product instructions for several of our popular products.

Do you offer rental packages?

Every rental is custom packaged to fit your event. Each customer has slightly different needs, and we want to be sure you get the products that will fit your event and preferences. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options, give us a call and one of our friendly sales associates will guide you through the process.

I'm planning a small, intimate party. Do you have a minimum order?

No, we serve events large and small. You may, however, find it cost effective to pick up your rental items at our shop in Burlington rather than to have them delivered.

What size tent do I need?

If you are unsure what size tent you need to rent for your event, use our fun Tent Size Tool to get an estimate now. Or call us at (360) 707-2115, and we'll figure out just what you need.

How do I use the My Event tool?

Please refer to the My Event help section for instructions, or call us at (360) 707-2115 and we'll talk you through it.


How can I be sure the tent will fit at my event location?

Tents require a level, unobstructed surface for installation (but not always — see next question). Try to get an accurate measurement of the area you'd like to cover, and give us a call.

Please keep in mind that if your tent will need to be staked, the footprint will be larger than the tent itself. Depending on the size of the tent, stake lines can run 4' to 8' from the edge of the tent, potentially adding up 16' in either direction to the tent footprint. (All Epic Designer Series tents and traditional push-pole tents must be staked; frame style tents can be secured with weights at the legs, where staking is not an option.)

Pacific Party Canopies provides site surveys when needed. This service is complimentary for our customers. We can also use a professional CAD program to design plans for your event, allowing you to choose the ideal layout long before the tents and equipment are installed. Our 3-D tent layouts will give you peace of mind knowing that everyone and everything will fit comfortably.

For more factors to consider when placing a tent, see our Choosing a Tent page.

Can you install a tent on a sloped lawn?

In many cases, we can come up with a solution for a challenging event site, such as a lawn that slopes down to the waterfront. We can use tent legs of varying heights and flooring with adjustable legs to create a comfortable space for your guests. Please describe your event site when placing your order, and we will arrange a complimentary site survey with you.

     View our Sloped Lawn Setup gallery from a wedding at a beachfront residence with a steeply sloped yard.

Do I need to be present when the equipment is installed?

It is best if someone can meet the install crew to ensure your equipment is set up where you want it.

Can I mow my lawn the day the tent is being set up?

Please do not mow your lawn immediately before setup. The grass clippings will make a mess of the equipment. Mowing after the tent is in place can be difficult due to tent poles and guy-lines. If our crew is installing your tent on Friday, please plan to mow no later than the Wednesday before.

Company Trivia

What's the biggest tent you've got?

One of the largest canopies on our shelves is an 80' x 120' traditonal push pole. At 9,600 square feet, it covers about 750 people seated at round tables of 8. It takes a crew of five to set it up. We also carry clear span engineered structure tents up to 14,000+ square feet. These tents and many others can be expanded with extra center sections to form even larger spaces.

     See a gallery of the 80' x 120' tent(Click on Big Top Fundraiser) at a community event.

How many linen color choices do I have?

About 80, including our specialty linen colors. We have more than 45,000 linens in stock.

How many tables and chairs does Pacific Party Canopies own?

We have about 850 tables and 5,000 chairs.

How many drinks can you serve at one time?

About 3,400.

Where did the company originate?

The company began in Anacortes, Washington, in 1987.

How many miles do you log annually on your trucks?

About 70,000 miles.

How many people do you employ?

Pacific Party Canopies employs around 35 people during our busy summer season. We have a year-round staff of 15.