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Dance floor comes in 3' x 4' sections and can be configured in many different sizes (see below). Available in oak or black/white check, all dance floors are completed with a finished, beveled edging for a smooth transition to the ground surface.

Oak laminate dance floor
Black and white dance floor

When we install the dance floor, we use leveling blocks to accommodate lumps or bumps in the ground surface and create a smooth plane for dancing. We are not able to accommodate a slope in the land by building up one side to create a level surface, nor is this recommended as it becomes a trip/fall hazard. We must start with a level surface to produce a level dance floor.

Black & White Check Dance Floors, Oak Laminate Parquet Dance Floors

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Dance Floors

Rental Fee: $444.28
Price / kg:
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Rental Fee: $555.64
Price / kg:
Rental Fee: $667.00
Price / kg:
Rental Fee: $741.24
Price / kg:
Rental Fee: $925.68
Price / kg:
Rental Fee: $888.56
Price / kg:
Rental Fee: $1,037.04
Price / kg:
Rental Fee: $1,111.28
Price / kg:
Rental Fee: $1,332.84
Price / kg:
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