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Dura-Trac flooring is made from a hard plastic material and is designed to be installed on flat, level ground. The floor is 2.75″ thick and is available in 4′ by 4′ sections. Dura-Trac is dark gray in color. Covered with carpet, this flooring gives the feeling of taking the indoors outside. It can also support the weight of heavy equipment, making it ideal for industrial and construction applications.

Dura-Trac pricing starts at $2.10 per square foot. Please call with details of your needs for a specific quote.

Before: Our Dura-Trac flooring creates a level surface for a golf event
After: Carpet covers the Dura-Trac flooring to give a finished look


Gridmat portable flooring is a hard composite flooring material designed to be installed on a smooth, level surface. Gridmat is light gray in color, and in some applications looks great on its own. Covered with black astroturf, this flooring option poses a striking contrast to a brilliant white canopy. Add a black and white checkered dance floor, and you've got a smashing combination.

Gridmat pricing starts at $0.90 per square foot. Please call with the details of your application for a specific quote.

Rental rates listed are for 1-3 days.

Portable flooring

Rental Fee: $2.44
Price / kg:
Rental Fee: $1.04
Price / kg: