Articles(and Other Useful Stuff)

Learn a few things from our 20+ years of experience in event rentals.


"First 5 Steps in Party & Wedding Planning"

Over the years, we've noticed these five things anyone planning a wedding or party needs to determine first. › Read the article

"'Sweetheart' Tables Keep It Cozy"

Read on for the finer points of this head-table alternate and decide for yourself. › Read the article

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"Get Guests Mingling With Food Stations"

Food stations, a modular variation on the buffet, are a hip way to encourage mingling. › Read the article


Worksheets & Diagrams

Wedding Planning Checklist

Think of it as a big shopping list for a very big day. We like this one below from Vertex42.

› Download the checklist as an Excel document
› Open the checklist as a PDF document

Wedding Budget Worksheet

Use a budget tool to stay on top of wedding expenses. Try this one below from Vertex42. Plug in your total allowable budget, and the worksheet will generate budget amounts for each expense category.

› Download the worksheet as an Excel document