Sweetheart tables keep it cozy

By Pacific Party Canopies, offering you more than 20 years' experience covering the Pacific Northwest's rental needs

An article about raising the romance quotient in the latest issue of Bridal Guide got us thinking. What's the deal with "sweetheart" tables? And should you have one at your wedding?

(Full disclosure: I did. See awkward photo at right or my reception floor plan.)

So read on for the finer points of this head-table alternate and decide for yourself.

Sweetheart Table (noun) /swēt-härt tabəl/

1. A table for two: bride + groom. (Mrs., cozy on up to your new Mr.)

2. A table that does not seat the bridal party. (They sit at designated tables with spouses or friends. Skirts the issue of separating spouses; also, doesn't highlight the only single person in your bridal party like a traditional head table could.)

3. Typically a 4' banquet table. (To provide space for a large floral arrangement or sentimental items, a 6' banquet table or 48" round could be used instead.)

4. A small table, thus providing more flexibility than, say, a banquet table for 28. (Try centering the sweetheart table at the head of the reception space and angling banquet tables or rounds on each side.)

5. Something different. (OK, not that different. But it's a little different.)

Whatever you choose, Pacific Party Canopies has rental tables in all sizes for your wedding. If you're still having trouble deciding, come into our Burlington showroom and we'll be happy to set up tables for you to see.

One more thing

The dirty little secret about any kind of head table is this: Newlyweds hardly get a chance to sit down. But, hey, it's tradition, and the groom's gotta have a place to drop his jacket when he gets the urge to dance.

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